Maybe the best app to manage and organize your recipes on an iPhone or iPad

Manage everything in one place

Do you manage your recipes still in paper folders? Have you ever lost recipes due to dirt in the kitchen? Recepino offers you a complete new way of managing your recipes on iPhone and iPad. Just take a picture of the recipe and store them all together in a very cool personal cookbook. And the best about it - it is free!

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Automatic text detection

With the free recepino app you can take images of your recipes and store them easily. But the app for recipes goes even one step further and allows you to detect the text from that image to store the recipe as real text and not only as an image!

Amazing Design

Cool details

The recpeino app provides to you an amazing design and usability. You can manage your recipes in just one place without typing in long text. Just take a photo of the recipe that is it! We think recepino is one of the best apps to manage recipes like a cookbook on your iPhone or iPad

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Easy customization

Take your cookbook with you

Would you like to have all recipes at one place? No change to lose some old written recipes? Check out the recepino app to have them all in your pocket in your iPhone or iPad.

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Sharing recipes with friends

Have you ever found a cool recipe and would like to send it to your friend? Nothing is easier than this task. Just take a photo of the recipe and send it with the app to your friend - as email or via a posting on a social network like facebook, google+ etc..

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  • Share your recipes with your friends via email or post them to your favourite social network.
    It was never easier to exchange your recipes over social networks like Facebook, Google+, Pintrest, Instagram and others.
  • you like to take food photos? You have old food photos and want to manage them in one place? The recepino app will help you to exactly do this with a lot of great photo editing features.
    Once you have chosen the image ether from the camera take or from the iOS photo library you can easily optimize the images to fit completely your needs.
  • To store your recipes you have many ways to do this. You can just take a photo of the recipe on paper or you type in the recipe by text in the classical way. Another completely cool way is by audio record your voice reading the recipe.
    You can add up to 10 images per recipe and easily resort the images by tab-and-drag the images. You even can add ingredients to the recipe and put all of them to a integrated shopping list
  • You want to use your iPhone or iPad as a tool for managing your shopping list? You want to buy the ingredients for the next dinner? Take a look at the great shopping list from recepino.
    Now you can do this even much more easier by pressing only one button and all items from one recipe are added to the shopping list. You even can sort the list by recipes, categories or name.
  • Having ingredients and shopping list at one place you now can even search for recipes using some ingredients with the cool ingredients search.
    Managing your favourite and most often used ingredients was never easier then before. Recepino allows you to manage them in a very easy way.
  • You want to synchronize your recipes across multiple devices? Check out the great Dropbox feature in the app.
    Manage your recipes on one device and sync them to the other with just one tab. You can for example take the photos with your iPhone and edit the text on your iPad

Our Team

Daniel MauchCEO

Daniel Mauch


Daniel Mauch working and living in Bavaria has a passion for creating new products and services to make living better.

Chirag Patel


Visionary to develop great apps with high usability standards

Chirag PatelDeveloper
Pratik MistryDeveloper

Pratik Mistry


Full heart iOS developer with high passion for great products

  • I take TONS of screenshots of recipes all the time, and organizing them was impossible until I found this app. I love that I can add my screenshots and never have to type out a recipe again. Also after I enter one I delete the screenshots from my photo album, freeing up space on my phone. 🙂 It's so easy to look up a recipe and they are all organized into categories of my choice. I use it every week to do my meal planning and grocery shopping. It's the one app I just can't do without!
    Clovelace524 on iTunes
  • This is really a very good and very useful app. I am using this app in my day to day kitchen work. The OCR option is really very good and is helping a lot to me. An app that is a must to download.
    Shubh24 on iTunes
  • Love the app, easy to add and store recipes and then alter them.
    heathermm132 on iTunes

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