Terms of Use

§ 1 Data protection and privacy

All information on privacy please see our privacy policy. For the provision of our services to the collection, processing and use of personal information is required. The user agrees to the collection, processing and use of personal data under the Data Protection Declaration photo-recipe.com one.

§ 2 General

First photo-recipe.com a partner & gaming community and is operated by the company named in the imprint (hereinafter “photo-recipe.com”) is. photo-recipe.com is entitled to under the public profiles of other domain names available to the public.

§ 3 Scope of Services

First photo-recipe.com used exclusively for private use. The continual availability of performance can not be guaranteed and photo-recipe.com is entitled to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently this and thus to delete related data stored.

Second The provider offers a variety of possible uses of the service free of charge in a basic version. These include the registration within the service. The member has the opportunity to receive a monetary payment functions in the base version are not available (hereinafter premium features).

Third The provider reserves the right at all times to offer new premium features. By adapting and developing the website, the provider reserves also offer some premium features, nothing more and / or to offer even the basic version. If the user already for a future point in time payments for premium features and has made use of it can not, because they are no longer offered and / or in the free basic version available, the provider instead to the user’s choice to offer substitute other premium features and / or the amount paid to the user – reimburse – pro rata basis. The user is free to terminate the contract with immediate effect. Other claims by the user are excluded.

4th The provider accepts no responsibility for the success of any attempt to contact another member.

5th photo-recipe.com is not liable for minor technical problems. From photo-recipe.com indebted technical malfunctions or unavailability of the service of more than three consecutive days shall not entitle the user to a corresponding extension of the chargeable period of use, but not including termination. photo-recipe.com still not be liable for technical problems arising from acts of God or disruptions of Internet infrastructure outside the scope of responsibility of photo-recipe.com.

§ 4 Entry requirements, contract

First The use of this service is only people over 18 years of age. At the request of the provider shall send the member a sufficient proof of age to the seller (eg copy of passport).

Second The member agrees to serve as part of the application to make only truthful information about himself and his data is always up to date.

Third The contract between the provider and the member about the use of the service comes with the inquiry by the member. The contract for the use of fee-based services come with the order by the member. The elected term of membership begins with the release by the provider.

§ 5 Liability

First All information and images available on photo-recipe.com are no proprietary information of photo-recipe.com, but are provided solely by the users. photo-recipe.com assumes no liability for such information pursuant to § 10 TMG. They represent external information of the user who photo-recipe.com for these stores and for which it is responsible. Also responsible for photo-recipe.com not conducted by or cached information in accordance with § 8 and § 9 of TMG.

Second For technical problems or damage shall not be liable photo-recipe.com. photo-recipe.com strives to keep the service available in an appropriate manner, however, no guarantee ensures availability of all services offered.

Third The users are responsible for the accuracy of the information about personal responsibility. photo-recipe.com is not liable for the accuracy of the information of its users, or users of submitted content. photo-recipe.com assumes no liability for misuse of information. photo-recipe.com is also not liable if data and information will be misused, which the users themselves have made available to third parties.

4th photo-recipe.com is not liable for economic, physical or intangible damage arising from the use, unless the damage is demonstrably attributable to intent or gross negligence of photo-recipe.com.

5th photo-recipe.com contains advertising space for banner ads that are wired directly from different online advertising agencies and their content photo-recipe.com has no control. Content on this banner and the linked third-party online services and is not responsible photo-recipe.com photo-recipe.com not be liable for such content.

6th photo-recipe.com is not liable for unauthorized access, knowledge acquisition or dissemination of personal data by third parties (eg unauthorized access by “hackers”).


§ 6 Obligations of users

First The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information on his application form in person, in particular in the indication of its e-mail address. An application may be made only if the 18th Age was completed.

Second The user transmits a locally photo-recipe.com and perpetual right to use all the users on photo-recipe.com made publicly available content, and confirmed that no injury to the rights of third parties.

Third Particular, it may only be sent in pictures of their own person. The user confirms that he owns all rights to the images submitted and will not infringe rights of third parties. The sole responsibility lies with the user, and he keeps photo-recipe.com from all claims of third parties. If you breach this provision applies Theorem 14 photo-recipe.com is entitled to verify the identity of a user by means of appropriate documents.

4th When other people seen in the picture are the senders whose consent to the publication must obtain advance, or to touch them before sending.

5th To ensure the anonymity of the images, these may have except for the image of the person no features that allow conclusions about the identity of the person (such as personal or business names, telephone numbers, license plate number, Internet, e-mail or postal addresses). Allows the attachment is exclusively its own user name and the text ‘photo-recipe.com’ in the image.

6th Images with advertising, pornographic, racist, nationalist and discriminatory or otherwise illegal contents or images that refer to such content may not be sent. The pictures must always meet the criteria for FSK 16th

7th The entrant agrees to be published the pictures submitted and rated by other users. He has the ability to remove his pictures at any time to return of photo-recipe.com. However, we point out explicitly the submitted and may be published on photo-recipe.com images downloaded by third parties and otherwise distributed. For this photo-recipe.com disclaims any responsibility. The sender waives all claims of photo-recipe.com in the case of a retransmission.

8th By submitting an image, no entitlement to its publication or its rating on photo-recipe.com. photo-recipe.com is entitled pictures without explanation of the publication photo-recipe.com exclude or remove from photo-recipe.com.

9th The user agrees to send any messages, chat messages, guestbook entries, forum posts and blog entries with offensive, defamatory, obscene or unlawful content or post. It is also forbidden to use these services or automating masse or used for advertising or other commercial offers without the written permission of photo-recipe.com. This includes chain letters, pyramid schemes or bonus with a.

10th Every user is obliged to treat as confidential information about other users and not without the consent of its author to make it accessible.

11th All information contained on photo-recipe.com used for private use or for personal enjoyment and may not be mass automated or loaded or redistributed. This is particularly true for automated image loading and discharging of the ratings for the pictures.

12th All user operations on photo-recipe.com (in particular the registration, login, sending messages, invitations to friends, chat messages, sending in pictures, guestbook, forums and blog posts) are logged with date, time and IP address and can be evaluated by photo-recipe.com case of misuse.

13th The responsibility for complying with these terms and conditions and applicable laws lies exclusively with the user. In the case of a culpable breach or a violation of the law keeps the user or the sender of an image photo-recipe.com free from any liability and all claims of third parties. He is wearing in the case of infringement and any consequences arising all costs photo-recipe.com for legal representation. If you breach the provisions photo-recipe.com still entitled to claim a contractual penalty of 100 EUR for each proven case. This applies even if a wrongful accounts accessed by third parties. Should the user followed by a breach of these Terms of commercial interests, is entitled to demand the photo-recipe.com pay a penalty of up to 10,000 EUR for each proven violation. Any further legal claims which remain unaffected.

14th The member is liable to the vendor for damages based on breach of a member of the General Terms and Conditions or the terms, conditions, provided that the member is responsible for this. The Member shall indemnify the Provider from any third party claims resulting from these violations. This includes the reasonable cost of any necessary legal defense.

15th The user agrees to use the Service solely for personal, private use. Any commercial use such as for advertising purposes is prohibited. In the event of culpable violation of the user agrees to the provider to the payment of a reasonable penalty under the plea of continuation of exclusion of up to 7,500, – €. The assertion of further claims is reserved.

16th The user is prohibited from offering any kind of pornography through the service, to leave or make available (§ 184 Penal Code), or otherwise contrary to law or the rights of third parties (trade name, copyright, privacy, personal rights, etc.) notices. For each negligent violation of statutory provisions, the user promises to the exclusion of the objection of a continued payment of a reasonable penalty of up to 7,500 € to the provider. The assertion of further claims is reserved.

§ 7 Cost of services

First The registration by the Member is free. Second Further services are chargeable. The prices are based on a separate price list. All prices include VAT of 19%. All payments must be paid in advance.

§ 8 Copyright

The website and all of its files or sub-appearing text articles, graphics, image elements and logos for photo-recipe.com copyrighted. The downloading and other use of such material shall be permitted only if expressly permitted by the Copyright Act. The use is permitted for personal use only. Participants are allowed for copyrighted material photo-recipe.com not copy, reproduce, publish, transmit, distribute or commercially exploit, either by conventional means or in electronic form. By entering the site enabled the exchange of information among participants transfers to photo-recipe.com an irrevocable and perpetual right to unrestricted use of its participants’ contributions, in particular the right to reproduce, publish, for processing and for storage, use or disclosure. § 8 Termination

First Membership may be terminated at any time. The termination shall be in writing or by deletion of his profile in the members area.
Second The contract is with the provider without respecting notice extraordinarily terminated if the member upon registration and / or a subsequent amendment of his data makes false claims, violates the terms and conditions or the terms, conditions or for any other good cause. A refund of amounts already paid is not the case of extraordinary termination.

Third The Premium membership must also not be terminated, since this will not automatically renew. Possibly already paid membership fees are not refundable and not pro rata.

§ 9 Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

First The provider has the right to change the regulations governing the service to be provided at its own discretion in weighing the technical requirements and market conditions Heitern, as it is reasonable for the customer.

Second Changes to these terms and conditions are published in the service. Amendments to the GTC, which is not covered by § 8 paragraph 1 shall notify the member in writing. The change takes effect, unless the customer objects to the respective changes not later than 14 days after receipt of the notice of change.

§ 10 Final provisions

First The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The provisions of the CISG does not apply.

Second If the customer is a merchant, legal person under public law or public law special fund, the exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes arising from this contract is our place of business, and Munich. The same applies if the customer has no general jurisdiction in Germany or domicile or habitual residence at the time the complaint is not known.

As of 2016